I Fumed When She Dumped Baking Soda On My Couch. But When She Showed Me The Result? I Thanked Her


We can all admit that cleaning is a pain. It’s just one of those tasks that never seem to stop. And the longer you ignore it, the worse it gets.

Unless you’re part of the fortunate few who get to have a cleaning service visit your home a few times per month, we’re all on the search for ways to make cleaning our home easier.

Take a look at these life hacks for some quick ways to improve this often annoying chore.

If you’ve broken glass on the floor, don’t get on your hands and knees to pick up every last shard. Use a plain piece of bread to pick them up with little effort.

Most families enjoy dinner in front of the TV now a days. And that means eating on your couch. If yours gets some food stains on it, try using baking soda to clean it up.

Are you as turned off by the oil stains on your garage floor as I am? They’re easier to clean than you might think. Just use Coca Cola to clean up these spills.

Any oil stains on your carpet can be removed with a liberal helping of baking soda.

Tired of water stains on your faucets? Some fresh lemon can get rid of those in a jiffy.

Have you noticed that pulling a bag of trash out of the trashcan can be a struggle? Put two holes at the bottom to minimize the garbage bag suction.

Did you know you can remove animal hair from your carpet with a squeegee? Yup, it really can be that easy.

We hope these cleaning hacks come in useful for you. If so…

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