She Was Sick Of Being Called A Liar, So Mom Hits Record And Shuts Up The Doubters [Video]

It’s the moment all parents wait for. It’s three simple words that are magic to a parents’ ears. “I love you.” Hearing those words makes all the stress and exhaustion of parenthood ease up for a bit, even if it’s just for a moment. Often times, a child’s first words are mama or dadda and they typically start babbling the endearing words around the age of six months old. But, this isn’t always the case. As doctors can attest, all babies move through life at their own pace, coming to terms with first words and first steps on their own timeline.

But, one baby has the world in a state of disbelief. At the tender age of thirteen weeks old, this baby boy has his mother in tears when he is caught on camera saying not one word, but three. Baby Mark clearly says “I love you,” to his mother Victoria Fatu, as she tucks him in for the night.


In the video below, you will see Fatu saying the words “I love you,” slowly and clearly as she hovers over her son. Immediately, baby Mark follows the words and says “I love you,” right back to her. While Mark’s words aren’t quite as clear as his mom’s, it does sound an awful lot like a squeaky, drawn-out version of the term of endearment. The words are evident amongst innocent babbles.

We witness Fatu’s joy and amazement as she says “Oh my God,” at the sounds of her son’s words.

And evidently, Fatu isn’t the first parent to be overjoyed by her infant’s early words. Several other babies have been filmed speaking at an even earlier age, believe it or not.

Typically, babies usually begin talking at around 18-months-old, but experts say that the more you talk to them, the more likely they are to talk at an earlier age because they are able to articulate and repeat words, much in the same way that Mark is repeating what his mom is saying in the video. At the age of 18-months, babies can generally articulate up to ten basic words, along with identifying objects in their surroundings.

As always, “practice makes perfect,” so the more you recite words to your baby, the sooner he or she will be able to pick up on those words and repeat them back to you.

The video has received 10,000 views and has commenters posting about the cuteness as well as the absurdity of making a baby say words at such a young age…

“When my son was about 7 months I was worried he wasn’t saying words yet. I repeated the same words over and over again to him until he could say a couple of them. Then I realized the insanity of it all and let him be.”

“Long ago, whilst putting my eldest to bed at the age of 8 months, she (copying me) counted to 10 perfectly, then never uttered another word for 2 years (answering only by nodding or shaking her head and pointing). Then at 2yrs and 8 mths of age she suddenly said a whole sentence to her grandmother, who was putting her to bed: “I don’t want to go to sleep!” And after that continued to talk normally. Don’t know what went on in her head for those silent 2 years, but she’s 48 now and a long time successful neurologist!”

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