They Assumed What They Found Was A Puppy. So They Took It Home. But It Grows Up To Be Something Else


When Hailey Hanestad was 5-years-old, she wanted nothing more than a puppy. One day her dad came home with a shivering little bundle of joy. And Hailey couldn’t have been happier!

Because Hailey and her family lived life on a ranch in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, she wasn’t afraid of animals and welcome the little guy with open arms.

But little did she know that her puppy was something else entirely.

Haily really had no idea that her new pet was not actually the puppy that she had always dreamed of. That was until Dad later admitted that it wasn’t just a puppy, and was actually a different baby animal entirely. This was a baby coyote that really needed care and a loving home.

They named their coyote, Wiley, and he soon became a vital member of the household.

Actually, Wiley the coyote and Hailey became an inseparable pair. Just so cute!


You could watch young Hailey playing with her best friend, snuggling with him, or even sharing kisses. Wiley was a really good dog to this little girl.

But no matter how cute he may be, Wiley is still a wild animal. He feasts on venison and fried eggs. But he does have some domestic qualities. Like he refuses to eat raw meat and needs it cooked. Sounds kind of fussy for a coyote.

Because he spends his days inside the family’s house, he needs to behave. That means he even gets baths although he hates them. He’s just like any other pet dog, except he’s really a coyote!

Every day Wiley goes on nice walks with Hailey’s dad just like any other dog. He also has his own little space outside to be wild with a burrow and lots of trees.

But in all honesty, Wiley’s favorite place is the foot of Hailey’s bed.


Luckily for Hailey, Wiley was the puppy she always dreamed of and did not cause any problems in the home. However, keep a wild coyote as a pet is extremely dangerous and it is not encouraged to do so. This could have ended very badly. Would you ever allow a pet baby coyote in your home? Would you trust a wild animal with your children?

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  • Kathleen McAuley

    I see know problem with this…..They had it as a pup…

  • jackle61

    Sort of a miss-leading headline. As a young coyote is called a pup, or a whelp, they did in fact find a puppy.

  • Skookum the Hyena

    So long as the little fella’s happy and healthy (which he seems to be) and isn’t causing any harm to anyone, I see no problem with it. Seems to be just part of the family.
    Granted, having a wild animal as a pet can sometimes have some…less than desirable consequences. But this doesn’t seem to be one of those cases. Seems like the little furball’s really bonded with his new family too, and it’s really kinda sweet. 🙂

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