Video: This Baby Elephant Collapses In The Middle Of The Road. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Right Side

When the summer heat and beating sun became too much for a baby elephant, she collapsed in the middle of the road. Tourists watched in confusion as the baby elephant seemed to give up and just allow the African temperatures beat her into submission.

But the baby’s family wasn’t about to sit around and let the little one suffer. They took immediate action and refused to leave their baby herd member behind. Elephant herds are notorious for protecting their own. Watch what happens after the baby collapsed. A tourist caught it all on video (included below).


After the precious baby girl was too tired to travel one inch farther, she collapsed in the middle of the road. Because it was a busy road, vehicles started to back up as they gave the baby elephant and her herd space to recover. Everyone can understand wanting to slow down in the heat.

But no driver or passenger in those vehicles was perturbed. On the other hand they were excited to see what would happen. They patiently waited and watched the herd take care of their baby girl because this was not a sight anyone gets to see every day. It was quite rare indeed.

Elephants gathered one by one starting with the baby’s mother of course. Soon enough all of the herd had surrounded the collapsed baby and protected her as she took a quick nap.

But since she was surrounded and protected by her loved ones, the tired baby elephant was able to relax and get the recovery she needed in order to get back on her feet once again despite the South African heat.

As we humans know, the support of just one family member can go a long way in making us feel better. This baby elephant had her whole extended family by her side and this helped her make a speedy recovery and get the rest she needed in order to proceed through the hot midday sun.

In the 2-minute video below, watch the baby elephant get the support she needs. As she struggles to keep going, the other elephants quickly surround her and offer her protection from the elements. The baby tries to get back on her feet but just needs to rest. She is unable to make it up until she rests.

The video was shot at Kruger National Park in South Africa. Here’s what some of the 8.9 million viewers had to say about the adorable clip.

“Amazing footage! What a lovely and incredible thing to behold.”
“Amazing animals with a real sense of devotion to their breed.”
“I absolutely love elephants; they are so kindhearted & supportive and caring to their family. I wish I could safely just hug them!”
“I am so touched by the concentrated techniques used by these gentle giants and you guys are superb at capturing these beautiful videos. Thank you so much!”
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